Wednesday, November 15, 2017

What is Fortigel Collagen ?

Fortigel Collagen
is a unique bioactive collagen peptide that has been proven* by several clinical trials to stimulate the growth of new cartilage tissues thereby enhancing* joint health. Thus, it treats the actual cause of joint problems rather than just the symptoms. With more than 25 per cent of the population suffering from joint problems, orally applied FORTIGEL®​ is an important therapeutic opportunity, for those suffering from pain, instability, weakness and a reduced range of motion.

Fortigel Collagen is third generation and most effective for Osteoartheritis (Klaus Flechsenhar,Germany) . It is include I,II,III,IV type collagen which is full completely types of collagen.furthermore for beauty care ,anti aging ,firming have significare effective. Fortigel  have not side effect which is safety use .

Fortigel Advantages

  • It contains natural protein peptides.
  • It promotes* cartilage growth and repair.
  • It has a neutral taste and odor.
  • It can easily be incorporated into various applications, whether it is food, dietary supplement, dairy products or drinks.
  • It is highly bioavailable and can easily be digested by the body.
  • It is non-allergenic.
  • It has been subjected to various studies and clinical trials which have concluded its positive effect on cartilage health.

What is bioactive Collagen ?

Forming up to 90% of total bone mass and holding together all living tissue,collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. Highly digestible and bioavailable, collagen peptides are the result of a gentle enzymatic process that converts large, native collagen molecules into small bioactive

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