Wednesday, January 17, 2018

3 Types Foods Must Try For anti-aging

Most of our food for differents benefits , and some of the foods for lose weight but that is the food for anti-aging . They have several food mostly suggest and encourge eat every day .
  1. Avocados

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    Avocado  There are two forms of avocado oil - organic (pure) natural methods of processing and mineral oil extraction using chemical methods. The organic oil extracted from the first pressed fruit is considered to be very healthy. They were found to remain fresh for a long time, so they could be stored for longer periods of time. Cold-pressed avocado oil is found in many beauty skin care or hair care products as an active ingredient. They have one of the best moisturizing properties of all oils, which is why they are used in many famous cosmetics.                 


    Oatmeal naturally contains high levels of fatty acids in the lipid, therefore, "antioxidant activity, to protect the lipid from oxidation" These features make the oatmeal sounds quite amazing, whether it is eaten or used. It keeps giving .It also contains a lot of minerals and vitamins, including natural moisturizers, vitamin E. All of these antioxidant powers seem too good to lock in, and dermatologists and cosmetics companies seem to have taken advantage of it. Oats are recognized for cleaning, cushioning, moisturizing, protecting, soothing, anti-irritant and antioxidant properties. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved oatmeal as an OTC anti-irritant but imposes strict grain size and fat on oatmeal for cosmetic, beauty or health products.



    Oranges are rich in citric acid, which is very helpful for dry acne. Oranges contain fruit acids, gently peel off your skin, revealing more luminous skin every day. Just crush the grated orange peel for your acne and scars. Oranges can greatly reduce acne and pimples when applied regularly to acne and pimples. Another benefit of orange is to reverse the aging process of the skin. As we all know, oranges are rich in vitamin C, can increase the production of collagen, keep the skin firm and moist. So from now on, every day to eat oranges. Eating oranges often helps prevent aging and wrinkles. If you can not eat oranges regularly, you can also drink orange juice to get the same benefits.